Majestic, The Map Part 5


I don’t feel alone in my home anymore and that scares me. Since visiting the prison and getting the cryptic message, I have noticed things going on here that before I would have brushed off as non-threatening. Lights flickering when I enter a room, footsteps on the stairs when I’m lying in bed, and even now I can hear the sound of something being dragged in the attic. It’s the sound of wood scraping against wood.

There’s nothing up there but insulation.

At first I did everything I could to catch whatever was stalking me. I set up a webcam triggered by motion, I’ve checked each and every room with my .45, and I’ve hired an electrician to check the wiring in my house. Even though the webcam started recording a few times I did not find any evidence of whatever is following me, and the electrician said the wiring is fine.

Now I try and just ignore it.

Last night a pounding on the front door woke me up. I scrambled for a flashlight and the handgun and waited. Everything was uncharacteristically still and quiet, the noises from upstairs having stopped. The gun trembled in my sweaty hands and the flashlight beam danced on the front door. I inched forward and awkwardly slipped the flashlight under my gun arm, freeing my left hand and further causing the beam of light to sway.

I flipped off the safety and opened the door. I was greeted by the cold of the night, and an empty porch.

Stepping out of the porch and shining the light into my yard, I nearly tripped over a package that had been left on the step.

It was wrapped in butcher paper and tied with twine. Grabbing the package and tossing it inside, I slammed the door and locked it. Had I been thinking clearly, I probably wouldn’t have touched the package until morning. Now when I think of it, every news item I’ve ever seen about anthrax and package bombs runs through my head.

The package wasn’t addressed or labeled, and was about the size of a shirt box. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and sawed at the twine, tearing at the paper as soon as I was able. It was a thin cardboard box, containing a manila file filled with paper. The cover was of the Seal of the United States, and covered in all kinds of warnings: ‘Top Secret,’ ‘MJ-TWELVE CLEARANCE ONLY,’ ‘NO COPY OR FACSIMILE.’ Someone had disregarded the last warning since the pages were clearly made from copies of copies.

I began reading, the first page grabbed my attention and I was confused as to whether it was an elaborate hoax or I was holding something that I should not ever see.

February 22nd, 1962

Dear Mr. President,

As the lead member of the Operation Majestic Twelve Steering Committee I have been authorized to brief you on aspects of the Majestic Twelve program, as well as to make you privy to information that has been correctly kept from the American people for reasons that will be made clear shortly. This report will be updated periodically by the Steering Committee as a record of Operation Majestic Twelve projects to be provided to each newly elected President upon their inauguration.

Operation Majestic Twelve was formed after the conclusion of Operation Highjump in February of 1947. With this week’s achievement of placing an American into Earth orbit, the Steering Committee has authorized the creation of this document to prevent the country from pursuing scientific fields that have proven too dangerous for us to contain at this time if they were to come to fruition.

The Majestic Twelve Steering Committee was formed to operate outside existing power structures in the government, and has full control over Extradimensional and Extraterrestrial finds and contact. Additional details about the formulation of the committee, members, and the precise nature of our control will be detailed in additional documentation.


Dr. Vannevar Bush

Head of the Majestic Twelve Steering Committee

I had heard of Majestic 12 through popular culture and my research into the paranormal, however there was never a shred of me that believed it existed. Looking up Dr. Vannevar Bush online, whom I hadn’t heard of, showed a real man with a history of heading and contributing scientific projects for the Defense Department during World War II and beyond. Conspiracy theorists link him to Majestic 12 as the man in charge of UFO cover ups and secret government contact with aliens.

The rest of the pages provided detailed information to the history of the Majestic 12 conspiracy, but every so often a page would be missing or made unreadable by the quality of the copy. There was information about two projects, both from before the 1950’s, a Project PIPELINE and Operation Highjump.

I couldn’t find any information on Operation PIPELINE, but Operation Highjump was a US military exercise consisting of thousands of men surveying Antarctica and developing cold weather fighting techniques. Apparently there is a well known conspiracy theory in UFO circles that the Nazi’s were developing flying saucers there, or there was some kind of entrance into the ‘Hollow Earth’ of myth.

I’ve made a transcription of the project files since my scanner isn’t able to clearly reproduce the pages. For sake of necessity, I have removed certain pages or blocks of text relating to technical information or asides that do not have much to do with either projects. I mainly didn’t transcribe the technical information, because if what is written is true, than Dr. Bush was right to call it a great danger. Any of my notations will be found in italics. The account seems to be a written history from Dr. Bush himself.


In October of 1943 I was part of an experiment code named Project WELLS. The ultimate goal of the project was to devise a manner in which an object could be hidden from plain sight. Several previous projects had been conducted, however we believed that we were about to make a breakthrough with a new set of magnetic field generators. The destroyer USS Eldridge was provided by the Navy Department as the test bed for the project.

The next page discusses the creation of the field generators and specifications but most was redacted and rendered unreadable. –John

Needless to say, the experiment failed in its intended goals and the ship remained visible, however the generators produced an unforeseen consequence. The new set of generators caused a pulse that is still outside of our current scientific understanding. The pulse affected the radio stations on board the Eldridge, and within minutes of the activation of the generators we were receiving strange broadcasts from a source identifying itself as the American Warfare and Intelligence Signals Division. Military staff on site were skeptical as no such group existed within the military. Communication was established regardless to determine if it was an Axis plot, however the signal was lost as soon as the magnetic field generators were taken offline.

The generators were moved to a closed site at Dugway Proving Grounds for further testing, and an attempt to repeat the experiment. The testing area was located in an empty, underground munitions bunker, reducing the chance for stray signals from interfering with the equipment, or deliberate attempts by the enemy to sabotage the experiment. On December 17th, 1943 contact was reestablished with the American Warfare and Intelligence Signals Division (AWISD).

Through our repeated contact with the AWISD, we were able to determine that the source was legitimate. We initially presumed that we had created a connection to the future, in which America won the war and the technological boost traditionally received from prolonged conflict had provided them with the means of not only contacting us in the past, but also the ability to keep their generators ‘on’ as it were, for indefinite periods of time.

Over the course of our conversations with the AWISD, it became clear that they were communicating with us from what they declared was the same day, and when asked about the current conflicts in the Pacific and in Europe, claimed to have no knowledge of what we were referencing. They indicated the last war America was involved in was The Great War. Upon discussing details and dates, we discovered that their history was parallel as ours until the conclusion of World War 1. In their timeline, the United States began shedding their support for isolation earlier, prompting a larger American Expeditionary Force to be dispatched earlier in the war. This support bolstered French and British forces, and the inexperienced AEF was able to contribute to defense and limited offensive pushes in support of the other powers, leading to a faster resolution to the crises. As a result, the strict reparations agreement placed against Germany at the end of the war was severely milder. Because economic tensions had been lessened, the Third Reich was unable to form and thus prevented the full scale breakout of World War 2. With regards to casualties, the loss of future scientific minds in Europe as a result of conscription was diminished. Technology progressed rapidly since resources were not lost or diverted strictly to military application.  This did lead to a noted gap in military technology in our favor, however we were careful not to disclose that fact with the AWISD.

This part throws me a bit, since traditionally hasn’t warfare driven most of our technological advancements?

We quickly realized the implications of contact. We had spoken with our analogous counterparts in a different timeline or dimension. While they were able to complete the communications tools to reach us much earlier, they indicated they were on the brink of discovering how to travel between universes. We agreed to scientific cooperation towards the discovery, which we named Project PIPELINE. With our

Several pages seem to be missing here.

steel cube, deemed Object 1, was received at the designated receiving station in Antarctica at the beginning of 1945. Earth-Baker reported at the beginning of 1946 that AWISD had successfully sent explorers to other timelines, and were quickly advancing to the discovery of a disposable return ‘Pipeline’ that would be left at the site to allow personnel to cross back into their own timeline without requiring a full transport station. The deployable ‘Pipeline,’ however, did not allow a large amount of personnel and equipment to move, and without a dedicated receiving station it would take longer to properly coordinate where the reception zone would be.

On July 23rd, 1946 we received conflicting communications from Earth-Baker. One of the communications was requesting us to expand the reception station with updated plans that would be transmitted over the course of the next few days. The other message was garbled with signal noise and distortion; however a few words were picked out of the white noise. The signal was seemingly repeating itself, and the only discernible words were ‘help they’ and ‘expedition.’ Our team agreed that construction would be delayed on the updated receiving station until more information could be gained, and that additional personnel would be dispatched to the site. Operation Highjump was created under the guise of exploration and cold weather survival techniques in Antarctica, however the real reason was to station Marines, shore bombardment capability, and airpower within reach of the station. Within days of the dispatch of Highjump we contacted Earth-Baker regarding the distorted transmission. They advised that they were hearing similar transmissions, and it may be a signal leaking in from another dimension. Upon my recommendation, two atomic weapons were transported to the support fleet en route to Antarctica.

Our communications teams were tasked with coming up with excuses as to why our project was delayed. We told Earth-Baker it was due to faulty equipment, weather, and unexpected cave collapse as a result seismic activity. The initial blueprints sent to us by Earth-Baker for the new PIPELINE ended up being a crude representation of our current system. Earth-Baker communications also became sporadic and less intelligible.

As the technology for a transport station had not been discovered in our dimension, the decision was made to halt expansion of the receiving station completely, and make preparations to begin rigging the caverns with demolition explosives, dropping the thousands of tons of ice into the receiving base. This was to be done in case of forcible incursion from Earth-Baker as the messages became random and erratic.

November 4th, 1946. The next generation of magnetic field generators was activated at the remote Groom Lake facility and proved able to be kept running nearly indefinitely thanks to developments with nuclear power. The distorted message that had transmitted from Earth-Baker was deciphered within moments of activation. Transcript follows.

“This is an emergency broadcast from the American Warfare and Intelligence Signals Division to the Interim Research and Intelligence Service. We have lost control of our transport station. Do not complete the reception device. We sent a team through to a newly discovered dimension. Initially all was quiet, and we detected no signs of human life. The recon team deployed the disposable return pad, but then contact was lost.

“When they returned they had been covered with several large unknown parasites. While initially consenting to quarantine and our help, they began to develop large blister-like eggs on their backs, reminiscent of the Suriname

Page appears to be missing.

“escaped quarantine, and are adapting to human anatomy at a surprising rate. The infected soon display signs of damaged cognition but demonstrate use of coercion or aggression to secure new hosts.

“A small amount of us have escaped to a secure location to try to fend off the parasite; however we have yet to find a nerve agent, medicine, or any kind of treatment that will also affect the parasite. Please do not make any expedition to our dimension, and reject any further transmissions as the infected have begun to infiltrate the comm networks. This message will repeat as long as power holds out.”

Three days later the message was gone.

After the loss of the message, communication with Earth-Baker ceased entirely. While ‘Contingency 1’ was being placed, a group of infected humans from Earth-Baker transported through the breach between dimensions. This was accompanied by the previously noted exceptionally bright red burst of light, in addition to feelings of nausea and a split second glimpse of alien creatures floating invisibly through the cavern that our researchers guess exist in the breach between timelines.

Page appears to be missing.

“lost contact with the receiving station at 0415. I ordered the rest of my men to take up firing positions in the tunnel. The horrible bastards came streaming through the dark, and they were hard to see since their slimy bodies blended in with the cave walls. Half the men fired, and the other half were screaming at the things. They looked like, well, as though a leach had bred with a centipede. All long, hairy legs bent at weird angles and a mouth like a suction cup filled with teeth. Rooker was swarmed first, and then Chavez was brought down. I ordered a general retreat once the infected receiving room guard members charged at us from the tunnel. They were easy enough to kill, but when they hit the ground those things leapt off them and newborn ones tore from their backs and kept running towards us.”

-Lt. Ronald Dempsey, USMC

Marine forces were able to contain the infestation long enough with the engineering team’s flamethrowers for the conventional charges to be detonated. Any infected team members were disposed using incinerators, with the exception of several subjects transported to the Plum Island research facility for study.

The tunnel and receiving area were buried under tons of ice, preventing any additional incursion to or from Earth-Baker. ‘Contingency 1’ is also still located on site, although condition is unknown due to the collapse of the base. Probability indicates it is most likely still functional, but lost. Our Psychological Warfare division is still working to spread stories among the conspiracy theorists of aliens at Groom Lake and Nazi bases in the Antarctic, among other things, in order to discredit any further theories regarding the ‘PIPELINE’ incident.

Intelligence suggests that Earth-Baker has been lost to the parasites, and most likely will be uninhabitable until the parasites die off from lacking a proper symbiotic host as most likely found in their dimension. Danger that the transport station could somehow be moved and retargeted by Earth-Baker to attempt incursion at a different location has been determined to be low. Our experience with the parasites shows a cognitive deficiency in the host, and the calculations needed to attempt a breach are massive.

I don’t know what to make of this. I have tacked Antarctica, Plum Island, and Dugway on my map even though it’s nearly impossible for me to investigate any site. Plum Island is where they developed biological warfare weapons and defenses during the cold war. I hesitantly include the account here because I hope that it’s false and not a real record of events. The idea that we had searched for life among the stars and found it by communicating with a nearly identical dimension out of what is possibly only one of an infinity of such dimensions scares the hell out of me. If this is true and the population never discovered it, what else has the government been doing?

When I reached the bottom of the document I felt my blood run cold. There was a rubber stamp marking at the bottom of the page. It’s unassuming and matches those on most government documents I’ve seen, but it feels almost malevolent in context.

The last paper of the briefing I received has been stamped ‘page 17 of 342.’

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