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11/26/2012 22:38 hrs – Incident Report

OFC J. Dawson responded to disturbance call near corner of Schaeffer Rd and County Line Rd. Caller    XXXXX XXXXXXXXX   called regarding traffic collision. Caller was frantic and said she had struck a pedestrian who had been standing in middle of eastbound lane. OFC Dawson arrived at incident site and found motorist and vehicle in undamaged condition. Tire marks lead to car indicating the motorist attempted to brake suddenly. No indication of any pedestrian or victim present. XXXXX XXXXXXXXX taken to hospital for treatment re: severe anxiety attack. No charges filed. (Edit: Names removed per current policy. Please see case file 11838 for full report.)

09/01/1999 01:22 hrs – Incident Report

OFC T. Charles dispatched to Schaeffer Road, between mile marker 12 and mile marker 17. Caller XXXXXX X XXXXXXXX and XXXX X XXXXXXXX reported to seeing a man standing underneath the street lights. When dispatcher asked the caller to specify roughly which street light man was standing under, Caller replied “All of them.” Caller described man as wearing a dirty black suit. No other details. OFC Charles was not able to locate any persons along road. OFC Charles reported that no footprints were found near streetlights even with recent rain and mud. Caller was warned about misuse of 911 system. (Edit: Names removed per current policy. Please see case file 10676 for full report.)

12/03/1988 23:58 hrs – Incident Report

OFC T. Wierzbowski dispatched to Schaeffer Rd due to reports of traffic collision. Motorist was found with severe trauma to chest and neck as result of collision with tree at high rate of speed. Ambulance dispatched to scene.  Motorist declared dead at scene as paramedics and responding officers were unable to extract motorist from car due to violent struggle. Motorist would not voluntarily leave car and enter ambulance. Reports from those present indicate subject was incoherent and in shock. When asked why he would not enter ambulance motorist responded: “It will do no good. He’ll catch us. He can run faster than that.” Subject expired shortly thereafter.

TRANSCRIPT: 03/14/1966 12:43 AM

Officer Thomas Wheatley responded to call from James Ellen, proprietor of Ellen’s Gas and Go, corner of Barker and Schaeffer Road. Mr. Ellen called reporting a strange man loitering on his property. Subject described as tall with brown hair, brown eyes. Man reported as wearing a black suit and tie. Mr. Ellen was heard on the phone yelling to the man outside to not come inside or he would shoot. Mr. Ellen stated he had a shotgun and was willing to fire. Dispatcher reported hearing door’s entrance bell and Mr. Ellen dropping the phone and yelling. Two gunshots reported by dispatcher. Call then disconnected, and Officer Wheatley radioed that he was arriving on the scene at 12:46 AM. Officer Wheatley radioed in that neither Mr. Ellen nor the subject were inside the store or in the surrounding area. A recently fired 12 gauge double barreled shotgun was found behind the counter. Blood was found on counter, floor behind counter, and wall behind counter. No damage from buckshot found anywhere on the walls or windows. Investigators reported that even if Mr. Ellen had scored a direct hit on his attacker, there would be indication of buckshot penetration or blood located in the store with the exception of behind the counter. Blood determined to be that of Mr. Ellen. As of the time of this report, neither Mr. Ellen nor his remains have been found.

TRANSCRIPT: July 23rd, 1940 11:10 PM

Patrolman Michael O’Shaughnessy accompanied FBI Agents Johnson and Tompkins to the forest bordering the East side of Schaeffer Road between County Line Road and Barker Road following a series of local disappearances. A new Delahaye 135 was discovered on the shoulder of the road. O’Shaughnessy and the two agents proceeded into the woods behind the automobile and located a crude hunting shack. O’Shaughnessy and the agents report hearing a woman crying in the shack, and proceeded to draw their weapons. Agent Johnson reported that he called out for whoever was inside to come out. When there was no response, the men broke down the door. Inside was Mr. Jonathan Dearborn and Mrs. Emma Taylor. Mrs. Taylor was deceased and was tied down to a workbench, with knife wounds arranged in a cryptic pattern. Mr. Dearborn was reported to be wearing a black evening suit, covered with blood. The Patrolman reported that Dearborn was approaching them with the knife, when O’Shaughnessy fired his service revolver twice, striking Mr. Dearborn and killing him. The general consensus reached between the two agents and O’Shaughnessy was that Mr. Dearborn had been “ranting like a damned loon about how he was only half done,” when he approached them with the knife.

Items retrieved from the cabin consisted of various occult materials, a dagger which has been determined to be from Eastern Europe and dated to roughly 1600 AD to 1650 AD, and a leather bound book in Germanic script and writing titled Unaussprechlichen Kulten. All materials were confiscated as seditious materials by the FBI under the newly passed Smith Act. Remains from the previous missing persons were found behind the hunting shack in various stages of decay.

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