2 Sentence Horror Stories

The cries burst through static on the new baby monitor clear as day.  I stared at the empty battery compartment.

The peeling paint on the walls of the abandoned hospital proved no one had been here for years.  The arm restraints on the gurney bit into my wrists as I struggled to get free.

“That banging you hear is just the vents popping as they heat up,” he stated.  “I don’t give warnings,” he whispered from underneath my bed.

The burglar dropped his knife and ran in fear as I raised the bat.  I didn’t realize he was looking behind me.

The crowd rewarded me with thunderous applause as I finished singing.  I could see shapes moving in the bathroom through the shower curtain.

Superstition Mountains, The Map Part 8


My mapping project started to find missing planes and ended with me nearly dead in a car accident fleeing from some kind of monster.

Weeks have gone by since Kylie’s house went up in flames, taking whatever the hell that thing was with it. I was on edge, having trouble sleeping, finding myself hiding in my room with the rifle and .45 by my side. I was searching the internet for anything I could find on the occult no matter how insignificant. Anything from ways to protect myself, ward my house, or interpretive dances to ward off vampires.

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Kylie, The Map Part 7


I just took another dose of painkillers so I hope this will be somewhat coherent by the time I’m done. The doctor said that once they popped my shoulder back into place most of the pain would disappear, but I think she was just trying to make me feel better. Tonight I’m going to destroy the map. I’m backing up my files and digital copies on a flash drive, but plan on locking it in my safe deposit box at the bank. The physical evidence though, I’m going to burn.

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