Quick pop in… (and a recommended link)

Working on some projects but should have a for-real-big-boy update in the next day or so, so thanks for holding in there. I didn’t just want to come on here to be all like ‘oh it has been two days they might be worried, better reassure my fans.’ But instead to tout a post I found awesome. I found it through the WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed’ section so others may have read it already, but wanted to re-link it.


One of the groups I’ve been following closely in addition to other writer’s and other interesting people, are editors. It has been greatly helpful to see what the common complaints are on their end, and the advice they give to improve an author’s chance of getting accepted. Most of them are also funny as hell and come across as charming, so that helps swing my assessment a bit.

I’m going to re-link this blog post I read today which is an awesome no-bullshit look at what not to do during the creation of a novel. Maybe I like it because it’s one of those ‘knowing the mechanics of writing is great, but you also have to be good at the story part too’ kind of vibe. It helps validate my ‘focus on story instead of rules’ attitude. So I’m linking it, because I don’t know how WordPress works for someone else’s site views if you re-blog them. Does it just count on mine? Do they still get credit? I want the traffic to go to the original source. I have no idea what happens, so I figure the safest thing is to post a link.


So check it out, and let me know in the comments if you know how the hell this thing works re: re-blogging.

Oh, also, I’m okay. I know that many of you are probably F5’ing my blog desperately waiting to see when I’ll pop up again, so be strong! Not too much longer!

Let me know what you think!

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