5 Historic unsolved murders straight out of a horror movie


The Walker Family Murders

In 1959 on a farm in Osprey, Florida, a young family of 4 was systematically murdered as they returned home by intruders. The Walker family consisted of Cliff, his wife Christine, their 3-year-old son Jimmie, and one year old Debbie. Christine arrived home first where she was raped and shot. When Cliff arrived he was shot to death. The children were killed by gunfire and being drowned in the bathtub.

A local man did confess to the murders, however the Sheriff believed him to be a pathological liar looking for attention. 597 people were considered suspects but no one was ever convicted. Interestingly enough, the killer’s from the crime that inspired Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, Perry Smith and Dick Hickok, were theorized to be the killers by the Sarasota, FL police in 2012, however it was later determined that the DNA test results were inconclusive.



This entry is the scariest to me, and makes me the most paranoid visiting my friend’s remote farm. Situated north of Munich, Hinterkaifeck was a small farm owned in 1922 by Andreas Gruber and his family. Andreas, his wife, widowed daughter, his grandchildren, and a newly hired maid lived on the farmstead. One day, Andreas met with friends in town and began to talk about strange things he had seen and experienced around his house. Footprints in the snow led from the treeline to the farm, but did not have a trail leading away. He began to hear footsteps in the attic, and a set of keys went missing. He could not find any explanation for these events.

On the night of March 29th, 1922, four members of the household, Andreas, his wife, daughter, and oldest grandchild were lured into the barn. It was there they were brutally slaughtered with a mattock. The unknown killer then moved to the house, killing the youngest grandchild in his crib. The maid was killed in her quarters as she was unpacking her things, as she arrived at the house only hours before. The murders remain unsolved, and no motives were ever found.

What I take away from all of these is to stay away from farms. Horror movies tend to happen on the fringes of civilization, and it seems like the most horrible of real life unsolved killings are no exception. The next time you go somewhere isolated, have some means to protect yourself or contact help. You never know who you’ll run into out there.

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