Hotel del Coronado: Next stop on my haunted world tour

From my explorations of Bachelor’s Grove, I’ve visited numerous other purportedly haunted places. I plan on dropping some knowledge bombs about them in this continuing series.

Next up on my Paranormal tour of the world, one of the other haunted locations I’ve visited has been the Hotel del Coronado. Situated on an island near San Diego, California, part of the island is where US Navy SEALs train, so that in itself is pretty cool. However, while the hotel is beautiful and on amazing an amazing beach,  Hotel del Coronado has a tragic past. In 1892, a woman named Kate Morgan was found dead. Kate Morgan was a mysterious woman to say the least, if she was actually the one found. On November 24th, 1892, Kate checked into Hotel del Coronado under the pretense she was meeting her husband. Roughly around this time she had purchased a handgun while in San Diego. In November 29th, she was found dead outside the hotel of what was initially ruled a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kate Morgan, the "Beautiful Stranger" of Hotel del Coronado
Kate Morgan, the “Beautiful Stranger” of Hotel del Coronado

However, rumors began to spread that the bullet that killed her did not match the caliber of the gun she had purchased. Other rumors say that it wasn’t Kate Morgan who died, as the person who checked in to the room was “Lottie Barnard.” However, this most likely was an alias. In the meantime, reports of ghostly sightings in her room and around the hotel began to surface. Common paranormal “events” like cold spots, inexplicable breezes, and moving objects have been observed for over 100 years on the property. The hotel even has a resident historian who has written a page about her.

Now, my journey to Hotel del Coronado was somewhat different. It was shortly after the new millennium when my family had our yearly vacation to San Diego to visit our relatives. We would go for a little over a week, see my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and end up at Disneyland. My dad, knowing on how much of a ghost kick I had been on, decided to take us to the hotel for a day. The hotel is absolutely stunning. Once opened, it was instantly an international hot spot, and Marilyn Monroe’s “Some Like It Hot” was filmed in some places of the hotel.

We did what presumably every ghost-loving tourists did, and requested to see the haunted room of Kate Morgan. While we walked around for a bit, my dad dealt with hotel staff until we were cleared. We saw the spot she was found, and then brought up to the room.

It is there I had a horrifying, unconfirmed spiritual encounter that made me feel dumb. The room is a normal, very nice hotel room. But instantly I saw it. A pen, floating mid-air! I jumped a bit and pointed it out to my family instantly! Here we had proof of some kind of other force existing after death! Yep, that pen, floating underneath the fan in the middle of the room!

It was a goddamn decorative fan pull string. I still hear about it to this day.

That was my extent of the haunting of Kate Morgan, but I did enjoy a beautiful day at an amazing hotel I’d like to stay at one day. Preferably in the Kate Morgan room, God that’d be an amazing trip. If you’re ever in San Diego, be sure to stop in and check out the small displays they have about Kate and see if the room is occupied. If you can, go up there, and listen real close.

They say, sometimes you can hear echoes of a jackass freak out about a phantom pen.

(Seriously though, tell me if that overly decorative fan string thingy is still there.)

Next stop in my haunted hot spots sticks in San Diego, on board the USS Midway. ‘Till next time!

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