Paul Buchheit: The Super-Rich and Sordid Tales of Selfishness

This article is excellent. Puts my thoughts in to words better than I ever could. “Eat the rich,” just doesn’t carry the same effect as a well thought out argument.

Normally I don’t reblog, because I honestly don’t understand reblogging etiquette. But as someone who has first hand experience in the last few months dealing with a man who ruined the lives of several good employees because he made slightly less than the year before, I’m going to break my rule.

Subscribe to Vox Populi. Everything they put out is well said. Even if you don’t agree with a piece it’s still presented in a solid way. I wish I had found the blog sooner honestly.

One thought on “Paul Buchheit: The Super-Rich and Sordid Tales of Selfishness”

  1. Bob was at Loyola with Paul Buchheit-and was close friends with his brother George. They were all in the same fraternity. (Unfortunately Bob-being Republican :(-doesn’t always agree with Paul’s writings)

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