On animals

I love animals. So, when I saw this post about Justin Bieber, I had to climb up on my soap box.

Here we go.

Don’t adopt or buy animals if you’re going to abandon them.

There. Is that really so hard? Dogs and cats and everything else are living creatures. They are intelligent, have feelings, and can know fear. As the dominant lifeforms on this planet, we have to take better care of the animals we love and adopt.

Speaking of which, adoption is a great way to get a great pet. I have lived with 9 dogs over my life (several dogs at a time, we aren’t some kind of crazy animal murderers), and each one has been a rescue adoption. Each one has been great. Best of all, if you still want a designer pet, you can usually find one if you look hard enough at rescues. With the internet and all the websites dedicated to finding rescue animals, there really isn’t any excuse not to start there.

This might upset people, but if you aren’t going to show a dog in competition, which is worthy of a ranting post on its own, then don’t buy a show dog. Show dogs are bred to conform to standards set by kennel clubs that like arbitrary traits that are usually cosmetic but harmful to the dogs. Don’t believe me? Check out pictures of award-winning German Shepherds vs. German Shepherd police or military working dogs. You’ll see a huge difference, and those working dogs usually come from more experienced breeders.

Finally, spay or neuter your pets. Unless you plan on breeding them, which by God I hope you know what you’re doing, there is really no reason not to. Puppy litters are big, and this keeps unwanted dogs from ending up in high-kill shelters or pounds.

Okay, I would climb down from my soap box, but let’s be real. There hasn’t been a wooden box for soap since like, 1934. The soap box has been crushed by the weight of my massive muscles. Sorry Dove.

Let me know what you think!

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