I keep restarting my novel, and I hate it

So I’ve run into a bit of an issue with my novel. I’m sure others have had the same problem, but I’m kind of curious as to how you proceeded.

There’s two separate ways I can see my novel starting, but I like them both. I know usually the advice is to start in the middle, but the beginning kind of informs the majority of my story. I’ve written and re-written both the opening and portions of the middle multiple times, but can’t seem to find my center.

I guess it’s kind of like writer’s block, but instead of me not being able to write, I can’t commit as to what to write. I’m bad at outlining and like to write a bit more free form, but has that helped any of you in the past? Should I write both and see what stands out down the line? I really have no idea, but I know most of you reading this are writers and editors, any advice as to how to get past this reoccurring hiccup?

As always, thanks everyone!

3 thoughts on “I keep restarting my novel, and I hate it”

  1. Okay so i have had the same problem. I tried writting both and then eventually at least for me i started leaning towards one. I would rather write on one of the novel pieces instead of the other. So maybe you could try that…:)

  2. As much as I hate outlining, I usually need to. Three of my favorite writers (Stephen King, George Pelecanos & Elmore Leonard) are avowed outline skeptics but I’m just not built like them.

    When I come up with a better idea I’m generally happy to scrap what I’ve written and start over. And what I don’t use tends to get recycled into other stories.

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