Lying in bed you’re likely to catch a glimpse of something in the shadows. Every culture has legends about shadowy figures, and ours is no exception. Shadow figures are humanoid shapes the brain sometimes sees when immersed in nearly total darkness. They generally take the appearance of an adult male, sometimes wearing a distinctive hat.

They usually appear when you are falling asleep and your brain is settling down.


They can appear even if you’re dead awake. They just sit at the foot of your bed and watch. Your first instinct is that your mind is playing tricks on you. Good. Just listen to that and go to bed.

Your second idea may be to turn on the light and prove that whatever looks to be standing there doesn’t exist.

Do not ever turn on the lights.

The Shadowmen disappear not because they are mere shadows or are scared of the light, but are instead scared of being seen. If you happen to catch one out in the open, you may catch the warped appearance of something trying to be human.

You will see something that was never meant to be seen, that shouldn’t be seen. Something half-formed, clinging to the vague appearance of a human being.

You’ll catch the dead eyes, twisted features, mouth fixed with a rictus smile, just wishing it could be you.

And there you are, helpless and lying in bed. If your lucky it will quickly disappear. If you aren’t, well, they’ll never find your body.

So next time you see something out of the corner of your eye, just let it be. Don’t ever turn on the lights.

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