Chris Burcham does not like it when a writer talks about themselves in third person for their bio page and is moving into first person.

I’m not a big fan of third person, so I guess that’s the first thing you get to know. My interests are writing short supernatural horror compilations, geopolitics, and spending too much time watching YouTube videos and telling myself it’s research for a new story. I can’t exactly explain how watching sketch comedy will improve my horror writing, but I stand by it.

In terms of horror, I follow the H.P Lovecraft school wherein the greatest fear is of the unknown. Now, Lovecraft didn’t always follow that convention because of how wonderfully wordy and descriptive he could be, but let’s pretend this is a perfect world. My writing is still in the process of evolving, so feel free to jump on any mistakes you see. If you’d like to share any of my stories, please credit them to me and throw my link out there. I’d really appreciate it!

I’ll be honest though. The real kick in the ass to get me moving was finding a place to publish some of my essays so my Facebook friends do not disown me for clogging up their feed. Even if you aren’t a fan of horror, attempts at humor, or opinion pieces, thanks for checking out my work.

Fun Facts:
-I didn’t like any country or folk music genres until I started writing. Now I cannot write unless I’m listening to Bluegrass and still hate country music.

I’ll add more once I discover more fun things about myself.

Thoughts, horror, and short stories from Chris Burcham, published freelance author and all around scoundrel.