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Quick pop in… (and a recommended link)

Working on some projects but should have a for-real-big-boy update in the next day or so, so thanks for holding in there. I didn’t just want to come on here to be all like ‘oh it has been two days they might be worried, better reassure my fans.’ But instead to tout a post I found awesome. I found it through the WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed’ section so others may have read it already, but wanted to re-link it.

One of the groups I’ve been following closely in addition to other writer’s and other interesting people, are editors. It has been greatly helpful to see what the common complaints are on their end, and the advice they give to improve an author’s chance of getting accepted. Most of them are also funny as hell and come across as charming, so that helps swing my assessment a bit.

I’m going to re-link this blog post I read today which is an awesome no-bullshit look at what not to do during the creation of a novel. Maybe I like it because it’s one of those ‘knowing the mechanics of writing is great, but you also have to be good at the story part too’ kind of vibe. It helps validate my ‘focus on story instead of rules’ attitude. So I’m linking it, because I don’t know how WordPress works for someone else’s site views if you re-blog them. Does it just count on mine? Do they still get credit? I want the traffic to go to the original source. I have no idea what happens, so I figure the safest thing is to post a link.

So check it out, and let me know in the comments if you know how the hell this thing works re: re-blogging.

Oh, also, I’m okay. I know that many of you are probably F5’ing my blog desperately waiting to see when I’ll pop up again, so be strong! Not too much longer!

The Internet is changing the way we read. I’m screwed.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the Internet may be changing the way we read. People are starting to just scan text for key words and very easily digestible information instead of taking the time to let content sink in. As a writer with a love of short form written horror, this is my worst nightmare. Horror needs build up! Tension! Actual consumption of atmospheric words and not just scanning for ‘blood’ or ‘incomprehensible!’ How can I compete with that? Well, I took a look around the Internet and figured I’d give it a shot. Fuck it.

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My Writing Resolutions

So now that I’ve spent my last 5 entries or so being self-indulgent, I figure I’ll wrap it up with this one for a bit and move back to regular stuff. I accomplished my New Years Resolutions (I’m not gloating, it was the easy stuff I went after,) and I want to come up with a list of Writing Resolutions. Things that I want to follow through on, and do more of. I have a list resembling this somewhere lost on my hard drive, so if I put it up on the Internet I’ll not only be able to find it, but also be shamed into forcing myself to follow my promises. Now, I wish I had the discipline to write a list like this and follow it to the letter, but I really don’t. As such, this will be more of a general guideline. A mission statement. If you have any suggestions as well, feel free to let me know!

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Words about depression

sleepy bailey

Disclaimer: This post deals with depression and can be a bit of an emotional downer compared to my other pieces. I’ve written about this before, however I feel it’s important to talk about it as much as possible to help remove the stigma associated with mental illness. As compensation, I have included a picture of sleepy Bailey at the top of the post. Thanks for reading. -Chris

‘and I’m so terrified of no one else but me’

-Matchbox Twenty

Emotions are a funny thing. I’ve been suffering from depression for the last two years now and each day just feels like just a step at a time. For a long time I’ll be fine, just peachy and normal and happy and laughing, I’ll think that everything is starting to be okay. Then something great will happen. For instance, today I was just published for the first time. Other times it will be a great night out with Karen, or seeing some friends for the first time in a long time, or simply enough just a wonderful day where nothing goes wrong.

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I have not forgotten!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I suck and haven’t updated recently. I’ve thrown my hat into some freelance writing submissions so I’ve been burning my creative energy on those. I have not forgotten about you or The Map or the rest of my bad writing, I promise. Currently in the middle of writing for the site now, and plotting out more of The Map. Thanks for being patient, please feel free to leave comments about how I’ve sold out creatively to the Man.

Thanks all,


Adventures in the waking mind

My brain just woke me up 10 minutes ago because of a revelation. Now, normally this is great because it can be inspiration for a story or remembering something I forgot that had been bothering me for the last few days.

This morning my brain goes “Dude, wake up.”

“Ugh, what? Its 5:45 am. We don’t even have plans until noon.”

“This is super important. Earth shattering even.”

“I’m listening…” I say, maybe it IS a new story thread or something to help with writer’s block on one of my long form projects. Shit, I probably had a Good Will Hunting moment and broken the code of the Voynich Manuscript or something.

“Peanuts,” my mind whispers. I imagine my brain as an 80’s businessman, coked out eyes wide open as he comes up with a last-ditch effort to save his crumbling business. He’s standing in front of a white board yelling at me.


“You know why they’re called that? It’s because when you crack them open… they have the nuts inside, like a pea pod has pea’s in it. It’s a Pea-Nut man.”

This realization hits me harder than if I had found conclusive evidence for life after death. Peanut butter is one of my very favorite things. I’ve been saying the word for years, and never thought about why they were called that. It’s like hearing a new-born baby laugh for the first time. My life has been changed forever.

“Wait, aren’t they legumes or whatever?” I still cannot tell you what the hell a legume is.

“Yeah, language is dumb,” replies my brain.

The human brain is an amazing thing, faster than the world’s most powerful supercomputer by about 100 times over. It has given us art,the ability to fly, and cured diseases. And mine chose that gift to wake me up at 5:45 in the fucking morning for a (still mind-blowing) thought that could have waited until like, 9am at the earliest.

My brain is an asshole.

Strange Happenings with Bailey: Addendum


I just spoke with my dad and oddly enough he went to a local archaeology lecture near where I live yesterday. One of the topics that came up was Native American burial grounds. My subdivision is next to a golf course and some woods. The presenter (who actually checks sites during new construction to make sure nothing buried is disturbed) stated that effectively an eighth of a mile from my house is one of the largest, well preserved grave sites of Native American’s in the south suburbs of Chicago. I know this sounds like a total cliche, but apparently one of the main finds was a grave with 3 people in it. At the bottom was the remains of a child of indeterminate gender, then above a woman of middle age, and above that was an elderly woman. The elderly woman’s body had been covered by deer antlers before being buried. That’s just enough for me to put a topper on that cake of weirdness.

Strange Happenings with Bailey

I moved into my new house a little over a year ago. My wife Karen and I found a wonderful subdivision with nice lots, and a few empty fields scattered about. Now I’ve always been a dog person, so it was important to me to find a lot with as much space as possible. It turns out that the field behind our house was actually a gas exemption. Major pipelines ran under that property, so no building could take place. It does awesome things for the views, but if it ever went up Live Free Die Hard style we’d have quite the fireworks show and probably no more house.

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