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More 2 sentence horror stories and some housekeeping

First off, I have some news. Myself and some friends have created another website! ItsInTents.com, dedicated to camping and outdoor reviews and news. This way I’ll pull some of the stuff I’ve written that doesn’t fit why I created this site to begin with away and publish it to a more proper location. Please check it out! It’s sparse now, but growing a bit each day like the horrible parasite that has replaced your tongue.

Anyways! Back to horror 2 sentence horror.

A beautiful girl winked at me at a funeral yesterday. I wouldn’t have been horrified if she wasn’t in the casket.

I had never ridden in a stretch limo before. The trunk isn’t nearly as nice as I imagine the rest of it to be.

The anesthetic had kicked in but I hadn’t fallen asleep. I could feel it wear off as I wiggled my finger unnoticed by the doctor, who was too engrossed in preparing the bone saw.

I actually live in the attic. I’m sorry it had to be this way, I thought you and your husband had left for work.

2 Sentence Horror Stories

The cries burst through static on the new baby monitor clear as day.  I stared at the empty battery compartment.

The peeling paint on the walls of the abandoned hospital proved no one had been here for years.  The arm restraints on the gurney bit into my wrists as I struggled to get free.

“That banging you hear is just the vents popping as they heat up,” he stated.  “I don’t give warnings,” he whispered from underneath my bed.

The burglar dropped his knife and ran in fear as I raised the bat.  I didn’t realize he was looking behind me.

The crowd rewarded me with thunderous applause as I finished singing.  I could see shapes moving in the bathroom through the shower curtain.