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2014 In Review

Whelp, if you’ve checked out the blog roll lately, it’s the end of 2014! I am shocked I’ve been able to keep up this blog for this long. I started in May, and I’m still excited about every post I make and every person I meet!

First, a few things I’m thankful for:

1. My friends and family who have continued to read my blog long after they were obligated to

2. Scrivener for keeping my crazed thoughts in one place

3. The WordPress.com community. I still remember the first like and first follower I received, and I was so nervous about following and linking etiquette. I have yet to run into anyone on here who isn’t amazingly unique and interesting. Special applause goes out to those who write about things that I’m scared about. You guys all rock!

Now that I’m done sucking up to you wonderful folks, I figure I should choose a top 5 lists of my favorite posts. Posts by me that is. Shameless self-promotion. I love this time of year!

Honorary Mention: Adventures in the waking mind

I still hate my stupid brain.

5. My Top 5 Scary Stories on the Internet

I love this post because all 5 of these sites have inspired not only my writing, but my confidence in putting it out there. All of them are masterfully plotted and still give me chills. I hope it helped some aspiring horror writers by giving them something to creep them out as well.

4. Making People Uncomfortable: My Love of Horror and My Inspirations Pt. 1, 2, and 3

I think this is the first time I really opened up about myself and why I love horror writing. It also focused on scary incidents from my childhood and the haunted farmhouse I loved growing up in. Really personal stories to me, and some of the first I felt truly comfortable sharing.

3. Cowboy Boots Are Cool: Some thing’s I’ve learned from my father

Great to write about my family, and I can still see how far I’ve come in changing and not giving too much of a shit about what people think. Dedicated to my dad and our mutual love of hidden and unexplored pieces of Earth. I hope you all have found your own cowboy boots, and wear them proudly, whatever they may be.

2. Strange Happenings with Bailey

One of the first creepy things to happen at my new house, and with my new puppy to observe it to boot. She’s not much of a reliable witness, but I’m still convinced we were surrounded by something malevolent. I don’t scare too easy from weird one-off things, however this time was something special. I still get creeped out by stepping foot outside in my perfectly normal subdivision at night.

1. The Deer, The Map Part 3

Probably my favorite post I’ve written, and my favorite part of The Map series. If I could only keep one of my stories for the rest of my life, it’d be this one. I’m not trying to toot my own horn with this, really, but this is the entry that was the most challenging yet most rewarding for me to write. It works well as a standalone story, and as part of The Map, and I’m proud of that.

So there you have it. I hope you all have enjoyed reading my writing as I have putting words to keyboard. Please, in the comments below, feel free to share your favorite posts from your own blog! If you don’t have one, any blog posts that have meant a lot to you, mine or anyone else’s, are welcome as well! I love seeing what everyone treasures.

(Thanks to Don Charisma for the Post-Your-Own idea! Check him out!)