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Poll: Would you be interested in a non-fiction book about revisionism after the US Civil War?

Hello Internet,

I need advice. I’m still working on my novel, and The Map, however I have an itch to begin gathering information for a new project.

I kind of want to know if it sounds like a good, interesting idea. Maybe not something that’s your cup of tea particularly, but that you can see people reading.

I want to write a book about the revisionist history that happened after the end of the US Civil War.

The plan would be to tackle everything from the “State’s Rights” arguments for the war, to Sherman (I’m on a huge Sherman kick lately), to Lincoln’s popularity, and the issue of slavery in the North. I would try to keep it as non-biased as possible, however would be tackling a LOT of revisionism by post-Civil War Confederate veterans.

So! Can you vote and let me know what you think?

I’d be super appreciative!