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Thankful for the Past

Just a warning, this post has nothing to do with horror stories or writing. Instead, it deals with some of the things I’m thankful for as a 27-year-old man-child. I might alienate myself from some people, but I hate Thanksgiving. I don’t like Turkey, and would just rather write or sleep. So, I wanted to start listing the things I’m thankful for now so that I can just be lazy when others are posting about thing’s they’re thankful for. Pretend I’m like that annoying store that plays Christmas music starting November 1st.

I helped one of my best friends move to a condo in Chicago yesterday. I’ve known him since the end of high school, but it wasn’t until Freshman year of college that we became really close. We were typical freshmen, always in search of something to do or someone to hook us up with beer. We had taste though, it was always Guinness or Heineken and not the lifeblood of the University of Illinois: Natty Ice.

That was nearly 10 years ago, and I realize that while my friends group is larger than ever, most of my friends are those I’ve met through other friends, or those I’ve reconnected with since elementary school or high school.

So really, I’m thankful for my past. Two of my friends have stuck with me since Cub Scouts, and we still all get together as often as possible. My circle of gaming buddies is now huge and started with a chance meeting in gym class with a fellow nerd.

We’re all really diverse now in terms of working. I’m a struggling freelance writer, I know a marketing coordinator, accountant, stock trader, lawyer, student, pharmacist, postal worker, forensic investigator, teacher, among others. I never realized where we’d end up, or that we’d still be so close or reconnect so easily.

My neighbor and good friend is the husband of a friend of mine from elementary school, and a previous member in one of the Cub Scout guy’s old bands.

One of the friends I keep in contact with I met through a bar crawl with Karen’s photo class. I was a hanger-on, and luckily we kept in touch and he was the photographer at my wedding. Karen and I, and him and his wife still are great friends even if we’re only lucky enough to see each other twice a year.

Two of my newest friends I met at a party and we clicked nearly immediately. Now we are inseparable when it comes to our video games and horrible puns.

Karen and I have lived 10 minutes apart our entire lives. We went to schools in the same district, and crossed paths unknowingly on theater trips to U of I. It took both of us going there and various friends and detours to finally meet and link up.

I guess my point to all of this is I’m thankful for fate, and for strange coincidences. It has allowed me to connect with and keep so many great people around me that have more than helped me when I’ve needed them. They never ask anything, but are always there for support or advice.

Ending up where I am now has been a surprising and twisting road. I went to college with aspirations of being a fighter pilot, and ended up taking confidence in my ability to write. My friends are inspirations, and most importantly, understanding and a great time. Anyone I missed, don’t feel bad, this is 6am and is wonderful for any kind of post-Halloween gloom to write.

It’s weird how things work out. But I love it.

Thanks everyone, love you all.

Throwback to my favorite band in college: