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I’m bad at the Twitter

I’ve really been enjoying my time with my WordPress site, and reading other blogs and the like. When I wake up I scroll through the mobile apps feed, reading things and looking for new people to follow. The only problem is that for some reason, it won’t let me like posts half the time. It’ll just freeze as soon as I hit ‘like.’ So that’s a bit frustrating. I usually catch back up when I’m on my computer and can follow things then, but it’s something I’m not always great at remembering.

What I’m absolutely horrible at remembering is that I actually have a Twitter account. I understand how it works and why it’s appealing, but I have trouble thinking of what the hell to write there. I want to use it more, but now it exists pretty much to echo my Facebook group updates when I have a new blog post out. I’ve been trying to figure out why I forget about it when I like to update this as often as I can (for those who remember my goal to update M-W-F, and realize it’s Tuesday, don’t tell anyone.) But when I update here, I write stories or editorials or even what are basically diary posts. 140 characters is hard for me to put any content into.

That’s not a criticism of Twitter in any sense of the word, but I think my own limitations and preferences as a writer. 2 Sentence Horror Stories are fun to write, but the more I write them, the more clichéd and boring they become. I’ve seen some people do amazing work in the form, but mine end up becoming ‘X is something innocuous. Y is a twist that changes X.’ Again, not a criticism of the form, but something I struggle breaking out of.

Writing is about cutting and avoiding purple prose, but Twitter takes it to the most extreme form. Because of that, I feel like I can only use it as a promotional tool since I feel kind of self-centered talking about small events in my day (he says, as he writes an in-depth essay about his inability to Tweet.) I end up feeling guilty that I’d be using it too often, or on things so mundane that followers would just get annoyed. I have a Facebook where my friends and family have to listen to that crap, I don’t want to expose it on the world.

So! How or do you writers use it? Any secrets on content, or am I just being too critical on what I may end up putting out? Or do you use it mainly for promotion or social stuff or what? I joined it because people looked at me funny when I said I never had a Twitter account, and now that I do I have no idea what to use it for.